Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Women And Her Purse

Women love purses. We love carrying our STUFF around.  Stuff we probably won't need but we are prepared if we do. We have tissues, mirror, lipstick. hairbrush, pictures of our kids and money. Oh and more money when we clean our purses out. And there are those of us who carry around things we will most likely never need.

Now how many purses does one woman need! How many purses do you have that you haven't carried in quite a while and probably never will carry again?  Me?  Well, we'll skip over that. haha! We have purses for each season, however when each season rolls around do we go back to last years purse?  Probably not because there are new styles and we HAVE to have one, SO what happens to all of the last years purses?  Well, mine are hanging on a rack in the closet, packed away in boxes, piled on the bottom of the closet covered by, you got it, more purses.

But since this blog site is about blessing others, what can we do to bless someone with a purse? Someone who needs but doesn't have even a single purse. Well, we could always give them to the homeless filled with the usual "blessing bag" stuff such as bottled water, crackers, toothbrush/toothpaste, socks, deodorant, soap/washcloth etc., although this type of stuff can more easily fit into a backpack or even a 2 gallon ziploc bag.

How about women's/domestic violence shelter's?  How did these women get here and what does their future look like?  In most cases these ladies fled their homes with the clothes on their backs, many times with small children in tow. Once they are deemed safe, which sometimes takes a while,  most will need to pursue employment to once again regain independence and continue raising their families.

Gaining employment can be a daunting task for anyone, but imagine trying to do so without proper clothes and accessories.  Again, women want and need their purses. They need to appear as normal as possible.  No one wants to go in to an interview with "homeless" written on their faces. We want to dress for success and many times a purse will make a woman feel as if she is accomplishing this.

So, instead of letting those unused purses pile up, let's prepare them for someone who could truly benefit from them.  Let's convert these old purses into a functional accessory to be used.  Look in your own purse and see what is in there that you use regularly. I keep some sort of wallet to hold my various forms of identification and any cash I may have.  I also have tissues or wipes in case of allergies or even small spills. Reading glasses if needed.  A notepad and pen is always good to have to jot down addresses, phone numbers, appointment dates/times etc. A brush, mirror, lip color, hand lotion, nail clippers/file and breath mints to freshen up before an interview.

These are things most of us simply take for granted, but for a woman who has nothing they can mean a lot to their self esteem.

If you have unused purses, and most of us do, please give some thought to adding some of these items mentioned above to those purses and drop them off at a women's shelter.  I can promise you they will be a blessing to those who receive.

Now, consider taking time to clean out your closet and BE PREPARED TO BLESS!


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