Thursday, February 16, 2017

Christmas Shopping In February.....and every month in between

I began posting last year about Operation Christmas Child's shoe box ministry.  If you haven't read that post and don't know about OCC, check out my post here.

To make shopping more manageable and to help lighten the expense load at one time, OCC has created a monthly calendar to give us ideas for items to purchase during that month, thereby when the collection date rolls around in November we will have our purchases made and ready to pack. Visit my post for January to see their suggestions. Those items can be found an a fraction of the cost now.

For February they suggest accessories.  Children everywhere love to dress up in various ways. Of course little girls love jewelry and hair bows and boys love watches.  When you begin shopping these areas of your favorite store, you'll find there are many options to choose from.

I hope that shopping monthly will be an encouragement for you to participate in OCC. Christmas shopping can be costly, but if spread out over the year it is much more doable.

I will be back in March to share that month's suggestions with you but I would love for you to check back often or sign up with your email to see all of my post's about how you can,