Thursday, February 9, 2017

When Valentines Day Isn't About Being With The One You Love

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. For many people, especially us ladies, it brings anticipation of all things chocolate, flowers, jewelry and romantic dinners. All of which bring along much fun, joy, laughter, gratification, and elegance. But sadly, not for all.

The Widow. Whether recently widowed or having spent many years alone, Valentine's brings back many sweet memories of years gone by.  Years when these ladies too felt the joy, laughter, fun and elegance which accompanied this day for them as well.

Those days as they remember them may be over, but the fun, laughter and joy certainly doesn't have to be. This year, try thinking of a widow you know. Maybe a family member, a neighbor or someone at church. It would be very easy to drop by their home with a box of candy, a single red rose in a vase, or a card.  If you know this person well enough, invite them out to lunch or dinner. These small gestures could turn sadness into happiness very quickly. No, it won't replace their beloved husband but it surely will bring a ray of sunlight to an otherwise cloudy day.

Try thinking ahead about this time next year. Maybe hosting a Widow's Banquet. Get others involved. Family, friends, Sunday school classes,  homeschool co-ops, or any other group you may be involved in.
Choose a location.  This could be at your home, an assisted living home, or a local banquet room.
Hand deliver invitations.
Plan a light menu with, of course, chocolate covered strawberries.
Dress in your Sunday best, young men with ties, shined shoes and a big smile.
Have music playing quietly in the background, be it live violin,(a chance for a beginner to get some experience) or a classical CD.
Set the table properly, even if you use disposable dinnerware. Clear plastic plates are very nice and you can even get "silver" colored flatware, disposable tablecloth and napkins and a pretty centerpiece. All from the dollar store!
Serve dinner in courses. Three would be plenty. Salad, main and dessert.
At the end of the banquet, present each lady with a flower.  These could be fresh,  imitation or even handmade from tissue paper.  Maybe make treat boxes or another token of remembrance for each lady to take home.
Also, think about transportation. Be prepared to have a few drivers to pick up and return home those who do not drive. Have valet parking for those who drive themselves.
Don't forget escort's.  These ladies deserve to be escorted to their tables on the arm of a finely dressed young man

All of these things can be done in a very elegant way without spending a lot of money and it is guaranteed to lift the spirits and bring a smile to all involved.

Not only will this make for an incredible time for the guest's, it will also offer a time of training for the young people involved. You'll need aspiring chef's, wait staff, interior decorators, event planners, graphic artists for the invitations and as already mentioned, musicians

Make this an annual event.  A time that will be anticipated each year by everyone involved.

So, this Valentine's, and all the one's that lay ahead, Be Prepared To Bless!