Friday, November 25, 2016

Crocheting with PLARN.......what????

PLARN.  What is it and how can we bless others with it?

Plarn is simply plastic yarn.  How is it made?  By folding plastic bags from your local grocer or big box store, cutting into strips, and looping together the pieces.  It is very simple and FREE!

Now, how can we bless others with it?

By crocheting mats for those living out in the weather this cold and rainy season! Actually they are good for any season.  The plastic helps hold in body heat, keeps the cold and rain much more at bay than a simple cloth blanket and also drys much quicker.

Basic crocheting skills are all that is needed since the mat is a simple rectangle using double crochet stitch.  The mats should be approximately 3 feet wide by 6 feet long.  This takes approximately 700 bags.  Now I realize this seems like a lot of bags but believe me they add up quickly. Plus, you can ask family and friends to save them for you and end up with lots and lots!

By using a bigger needle, say a "J", this makes for a fluffier mat.

Making the "plarn" is easy.  Simply start by flattening a bag out
Then fold once
And fold again
Cut the end off of the bottom of the bag
Then cut the handle off
Cut bag in half
Then in quarters
Open up the pieces and lay one end of a "strand" over another
Loop the top pieces under the bottom, and pull, holding the left bag with your hand
Pull gently until tight
Continue to do this, adding more plarn to the end.

For those who are not crocheter's, this could be their job, to make the plarn. .Maybe make an assembly line. A folder, a cutter and a looper.

Their are many videos on youtube if you need more instruction too!

What a great project this could be for any group!

So simple to.........