Thursday, December 8, 2016

Meals For Those Without Wheels

Winter has arrived, although some of us had quite a wait. With winter weather comes changes. It can be as simple as what we have for meals. Warm soups are a favorite for many. Comfort foods seem to make their way onto our dinner tables more often. Root vegetables are plentiful from the garden's as is winter squash, greens and many others.

Whether we eat what we grow, make trips to the grocery store or both, during wintry weather we still have to eat.

What about those who do not have transportation? What about those who may have a vehicle but aren't confident enough to drive when the streets are treacherous?  What about those who rely on Meals On Wheels?  What do they do for warm food?

When you are cooking for your family this winter, it's quite easy to throw in a few more veggies into the soup pot, peel an extra potato for mashing, make a slightly larger batch of cornbread, a few more homemade cookies, a bit larger casserole or even an extra sandwich from the leftover holiday turkey and ham.

The effort on our part can seem menial but to the elderly persons next door it may mean the difference in having a meal that day or going without.

Think about someone in your neighborhood or apartment complex who might benefit from this act of thoughtfulness. Look around.  Make a note of those you see who may need a bit of extra help. It really doesn't even have to be during bad weather.  A lot of elderly simply do not take the time to make a nutritious meal just for themselves and would rejoice in having a plate of warm homemade food brought to their door.

So, the next time, or each time you cook for your family, upsize your recipe a bit and......