Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Has Officially Sprung

Although here in Texas it never really felt like we had Winter this year, we did manage to somehow act as if we did. We wore our nice warm scarves, our high top boots and carried our dark colored purses. Now, finally,  we can honestly say it is Spring.

For those of us living or visiting here in the Lone Star State, that means Bluebonnets galore!! Oh how we love our state flower. We take road trips to the perfect areas to see them and we plant our babies in the middle of a patch for that oh so perfect photo op.

The word "Spring" is also sometimes followed by the not so pretty word "cleaning".  Nooo!   Yes! It's that time again.  Last year I wrote about a way to use this dreaded task to cheerfully Be Prepared To Bless in the future, so before you tackle your home this year please read my post Spring Has Sprung Part 1 from last year and as always.......