Thursday, September 1, 2016

September......Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

It is heartbreaking to see what cancer does to anyone, but for children, it simply shouldn't be.  It seems so unfair. A child has done nothing to their own body to warrant such a horrifying disease. They haven't even been in this world long enough to have abused themselves with things that are supposed cancer causing elements such as tobacco, chemical laden food, pharmaceuticals, household cleaners and the list goes on. So why is Cancer the number 1 killer in children among diseases today?

This is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, although for too many families, every month is the same. In September there are many fundraisers and awareness activities of all kinds.  Won't you plug into one in your area? There are so many ways to give. Please research when you choose to donate. Unfortunately many organizations do not give 100% of the money they raise to research. This is a shame but there are many of these types out there.  If you are unsure of where and how to participate in any way, check out  We know without a doubt these folks are true to their word. They take on the toughest challenges and NEVER ask the family of a child for a dime!  It doesn't get ANY better than that. All the while they keep their research in constant motion moving forward with the latest cutting edge advancements.

Please visit their website, see how you can get involved in your area and BE PREPARED TO BLESS!

God Be With You,