Wednesday, September 21, 2016

All Things Both Great And Small

Birds that eat only insects and nectar must fly to warmer climates in the Fall when their food sources are no longer available. According to how far North they are living depends on how early they have to begin their migration.

So what do they eat during migration time?  If they begin early enough it is said they can continue their natural diets much longer because here in the south there are still insects much later in the year.  UGH!

However, when the insects die off and the birds are still in migration phase we can help them out by placing feeders in our yards for them to stop by and fill up during their travels.

Feeders need not be fancy or expensive.  Here is a link to some great feeders to make yourself.

Different birds like different food, but according to my research for this post, black oil sunflower seeds appear to be a favorite of most birds. Oh, and don't forget to give them a drink with their meal!

The U.S Fish & Wildlife Service has a very informative Q&A here on all things Bird!  Check it out and find ways to not only be prepared to bless migrating birds but native birds in your area year round.

Happy Birding!,