Thursday, July 14, 2016

Take Them a Meal

Life happens.  Along with life comes a plethora of other happenings.  Some are planned, some are not. Death, illness, new babies, loss of home, loss of jobs and the list could go on.  During life, whatever event we are enduring, good or bad, one thing must continue and that is nutrition.

During these calamities we are usually more than willing to take food for the needs of others.  But what if everyone runs to the rescue of a family the same day with the same dish?  Of course they would be more than appreciative of the food.  However, what about the days to come when the initial outpouring of food stops? to the rescue!  Now there are other sites that work the same, however this is the only one I have used and can speak for,  So. do a bit of research if you like and see which one fits for you.

 It is so simple.  Set up an account for a family that needs help. You can customize it in many ways.  Length of time needed.  Meals needed such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Number of family members, food preferences or allergies and so forth. Then all that is left is to email, text, fb post, however you choose, to get the message out to family and friends.  Give them the password and that's all there is to it on your part.  Each person who chooses to help then goes in and selects a date, a meal time and what they choose to bring.  This way there is one needed meal at a time.  Not four dinners in a single night!  It works great.

Share this with your family, church, work colleagues and neighbors. It makes for such an easy way to Be Prepared To Bless!

God Be With You,