Thursday, May 26, 2016

(June) Brides and Flowers

As long as I can remember I have heard the term "June Brides".  After a bit of research I realized that June is one of the most popular months in the year for weddings. It seems that not only is the weather mostly beautiful here in the United States but also it has something to do with the month of May, at which point a lot of young people are graduating from various levels of school and going into the workforce SO naturally, for apparently many, soon follows the marriage.

The main parts of beauty in any wedding outside of the Bride and her party of course, is going to be the live fresh flowers.  I've been to my share of weddings and even had my own.  The array of flowers vary from minimal to "over the top".  All varieties and colors. Flowers as centerpieces on the reception tables.  Flowers on the cake. Flowers on the isle seats. Flowers above the arch. Flowers in some hairstyles. You name a spot, there are flowers for it. It does make for a beautiful occasion for sure.

However, what about when the party is over?  Where do the flowers go?  Of course some are kept for the old "pressed flower in the Bible" tradition but what about a lot of the rest? They are headed for the big dumpster out back when clean up time comes.  What a shame to use these gorgeous flowers for a mere few hours and then just trash them.

How about we bless someone else with these flowers.  Wouldn't it be nice to take the centerpiece vases full of flowers to the local nursing home or homeless shelter and place them on the tables for the residents to enjoy?  How long has it been since those folks may have sat and had dinner with beautiful flowers adorning their table?  Probably a while.
What could you do with the bows and flowers that line the aisle seats?  Maybe decorate the dining area walls.  For places that have rooms for residents hang them on their doors.

Oh and don't forget about all of those petals from the little Flower Girls baskets.  Could you gather up those and maybe take them to a cemetery and scatter, possibly on a Veterans burial site or maybe a new site with no flowers? They would bring a touch of beauty anywhere you strew them actually.

Stop and think before you throw away God's beautiful creations.  There are so many people who never get to see these things for different reasons in their lives. So, for all who are planning a wedding, whether it be June or December, Be Prepared To Bless someone with those beautiful flowers that would otherwise be thrown in the trash.

God Be With You,