Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blessing Man's Best Friend

Not only does the Word of God tell us to be a blessing to others, as in our fellow humankind, Proverbs 12:10 also tells us that the righteous care for the needs of their animals. That not only includes our own animals but all animals as well. So many animals have no special human to care for them and therefore they are left to live in shelters.

Have you given any thought to volunteering at a shelter and blessing the animals there? Local shelters and the SPCA always need volunteers. Most of them have age requirements so it is a good family activity. Children are welcome when accompanied by an adult. There may be ways to bless the animals that you hadn't thought about. Of course there is always a need to walk the dogs and clean the kennels but what can the little ones do? How about petting? It's true, the shelters need volunteers to pet the animals. This keeps the dogs and cats acclimated to human touch and in turn keeps them more adoptable. Also, do you have a little one that loves to read or is maybe just beginning to read? The dogs and cat's LOVE to be read to and this gives the readers more time to practice their skill. The animals will be blessed by any attention that they get but these are a couple of unique ways for the little ones to be a blessing that maybe you hadn't thought of.

Consider contacting your local shelter. Try stopping by for just thirty minutes or an hour a week. This would be time well spent truly blessing some of God's most special creatures.