Monday, March 21, 2016

Be Prepared

Why do we need to be "prepared" to bless others? Why did I choose to write a blog about being "prepared"?  I could have just written about ways to bless others. My decision comes from many instances of not being prepared.  I am a planner by nature.  I like to know ahead of time what's coming up so I can be sure and get things done on time.  I don't like being caught off guard, and I know there are a lot of busy Mom's out there who don't like that feeling either.

For example, at the end of my day I decide to look at Facebook, Twitter, another blog or whatever suits my mood at the time.  I click on something and a graphic pops up and says "Don't forget, tomorrow is National Children's Pastor Day!!  Now, making a little handmade card is blessing enough BUT it's 11:30pm and my child is sound asleep.  Now what? I have to get her up earlier than usual in the morning to make this card or color a picture of whatever. No time to give much thought to it.  Just whip something out and go. That is NOT the way I want my day to start.  I would like to have known a day or so ahead of time so that we could have taken more time to create something.

If Aunt Eloise's birthday is July 15th I have that documented on my calendar,  however I have also documented on my calendar for July the 5th to MAKE Aunt Eloise's card and get it in the mail. This ensures she get's the card on time as opposed to waiting and seeing my note on the 15th that it is her birthday and then having to send a belated card.  By the way, being late is one of my pet peeves.  It really disappoints me in myself when I am late for anything.

I read blogs on the day before Valentine's about cutsie things to do for others THE NEXT DAY! Wait, if you had posted about this earlier I could have done this, but waiting until the day before just doesn't give me time to prepare for your idea.

So, not only am I going to give you ideas of how to bless others, another goal of mine is to try and help you be PREPARED.  I'm going to give you a heads up about some things coming up that you might want to be prepared for and I won't wait until the night before to tell you.

I suggest that everyone have a calendar of some sort. It may be the one on your phone, a wall calendar that you got from the pharmacy, a day planner or whatever works for you. And I suggest that you fill it up.  Don't count on just remembering to do things.  Write it down, immediately, before a half dozen other things come along and you forget it.

SO, get prepared to be prepared!!