Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Christmas Shopping in June- And Every Month In Between

Although I am a bit late posting this Month's Operation Christmas Child's June shopping list hopefully, if you haven't already searched out the suggestions you still have plenty of time to stop by and pick up a few toys for your box or boxes.

Dolls, whistles and jump ropes seem easy enough to fit into a shoe box, However, soccer balls are much loved by the kids receiving these boxes as well. How could you possibly fit a ball in the box, you might be wondering.  It's actually much easier than you would think. Deflate the ball and it roll it up. Now it takes up much less room. There is also room for the air pump and needle so that when the child receives it, having a useful and very fun item is quick and easy to prepare.

We are about half way there.

Happy shopping and remember to always

Be Prepared To Bless!