Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Has Sprung.....Part 2

Today I want to share with you about the "Ugly" in Spring and how we can be prepared to bless.

Although I enjoy stormy weather, the aftermath can be "ugly".  A lot of downed power lines leaving people without electricity, which also brings crews working hastily to resolve this problem.  Another impact is the enormous amount of limbs blown from trees.  The neighborhood streets are littered, as well as folks yards. The storm passes and the clean up begins.  But what about the widow a few doors down?  What about the young mother around the corner who's husband is serving our country overseas?  What about the elderly couple a street over who are unable, simply due to age or disabilities, to clean up their yards? This is where we come in, prepared to bless. 

It is easy enough to walk around our neighborhood and look to see if there are needs within eye sight.  So, lets get prepared. Even children can help in this type of project. Let's begin gathering up some much needed supplies. We need some gloves for everyone, some twine for sure as well as a pair of scissors. With just these few items we can pick up small limbs from the yards and bundle them up and tie with the twine. These are then ready for the curb, the fireplace or whatever the situation calls for. In a short amount of time with the family working together you can have a yard cleaned up, and much appreciated by the homeowner or tenant.  Of course some times it may be a bit worse and call for a chainsaw, with adult supervision of course.  Don't forget the safety glasses!!. If you have a wagon, load it up and make the trip around the neighborhood a bit easier.

To go a little further, here are a few more suggestions. If there are no needs within walking distance, the family can always load up in their vehicle and drive around a bit of a larger area looking for needs.  If you happen to have an ice chest, consider icing down some bottled water and distributing to those you come across, whether it be others working in their own yards or possibly the linemen working to restore power.

This is a great bonding project for the family.  It teaches us to work as a team, plus it also teaches all of us how important it is to love our neighbor.

Now, I would like to introduce you to a very sweet friend of mine, Sarah Maxwell,  from   She has now finished up a series of 10 children's Christian novels.  The books are chocked full of ideas such as what I just shared with you.  As a matter of fact it came from book #5 Summer Days with the Moodys. It is my prayer that you will stop by and visit Sarah at the link provided, get to know Sarah, as well as the entire Maxwell family, and allow them to be a blessing to you, your children and your family with their passion for writing, serving our God and being prepared to bless!


Mark 12:31

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  There is no other commandment greater than these"